• Vikram Bawa is an Award winning fashion photographer.

  • Mr. Bawa, specializes in commercial, editorial / Fashion & advertising photography

  • Vikram has been pushing the boundaries of photography by continuously experimenting with new ideas, techniques and was given the title of Master of Gimmicks in the late 90's and is in the limelight for pushing the acceptability of art and creativity in the country.

  • He is the first person in India to do 3D photography in 1998 and create the first 3D covers in India for Elle magazine and other magazines in the year 2000.

  • A decade before the world was to go mainstream with 3D. Truly a visionary and a creative soul. He started the trend of creating magazine covers with an ensemble of Bollywood’s biggest celebrities. Which was a game –changer for entire Bollywood.

  • For Vikram, An image is not just a piece of art but deep down it is a story, combined with logistical challenges and emotions which he then manages to put it into reality with his lens.

  • An edgy artist, a self –aware human and a spiritual believer of karma.

  • These are the words that describe Vikram the best.

  • Vikram has been awarded multiple times as the Most influential person in the Asian sub –continent for photography and now he wants to impart his knowledge of 25 years to emerging artists through adore.